Support Assist
On-call expertise for when you need to know what's next for your online business
Only $10 USD per month

When you run an online business, it's hard to know where to go for answers.

Free platforms give you a confusing mess of opinions. True experts can be hard to track down. Ask Google, and you'll have to sift through literally millions of results.

That's why we created Support Assist...

"It's like having a business coach in your pocket."
James Schramko and his team have developed the world's simplest business coaching platform. The idea was 1-2-3 easy:

1. Post an online business-related question on the wall.
2. Get a prompt answer from James or one of his experienced team members.
3. Implement expert advice with confidence.

No BS here. Just the best brains in business, helping you get to the root of the problem and come to the most effective solution FAST. In most cases you'll get an answer on the same business day!

You can also view other Support Assist questions (and the answers) in your feed. So you might get answers to questions you didn't even know to ask...
Questions We're Answering Right Now
"I have just finished creating an online LinkedIn training program (on 10xPro!) Would you recommend a launch or have it open for purchase anytime?"

"... my question: Writing copy for my website. Do you have any strategies or approaches you'd recommend?"

"James in your opinion in which country is it wise under the current economic climate to setup a company structure for a global business?"

"I am looking to test the offer to validate it (I'm yet to build anything yet). How would you go about testing an offer if you don't have an audience yet? I'd prefer not to post it on my own Facebook. Cheers."

"I need a great podcasting mic and light setup. Can you point me to a resource of yours?"
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Meet Your Head Coach
James Schramko has helped over 3,276 entrepreneurs quickly double and triple their revenue while working less. Half of his private clients earn $3,000,000/year. And 30% of the members in his SuperFastBusiness community earn at least 6 figures.

James has privately coached top entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn, Ryan Levesque, Keith Krance, Kevin Rogers, Molly Pittman and Ezra Firestone. He regularly answers the questions of 400+ up-and-coming entrepreneurs inside the SuperFastBusiness community.

Until now, his coaching has only been available to his private clients and community members who've paid up to $3,000 per month for the privilege.

Now James and his team are making this kind of personalized coaching more accessible than ever before.
What People Are Saying About Support Assist
"Working with James in Super Fast Results has been epic. Through his solid, short, and concise business advice I have been able to execute on my first membership site with ease. Sure it was not all smooth sailing but nothing beats getting an answer from an expert when you really need it. Website build with to launch with 10 members in less then 4 weeks. James is a legend."

- Matt D.
Only $10 USD per month
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