Revenue Share Deals
Structure mutually-beneficial deals, protect yourself against bad deals, plan for contingencies...
and of course, GET PAID!
Revenue share deals are a little-known source of income.
Revenue share income is a type of royalty-based income where you earn a percentage for helping a business grow. You can manage several deals at the same time and you get to set your own rates.

If you are an expert, a coach or you provide fee-based consultations or services that help other business owners grow their business, then you can make revenue share deals, instead of more traditional contracts.

What You'll Learn In This Course
  • The most SUREFIRE way for business owners to agree to a rev share deal
  • Don't try to do deals without THIS
  • The main elements of an agreement that cost James thousands of dollars to create
  • The Schramko revenue share formula
  • The one deal you should NEVER make even if you are dealing with someone you trust
  • A deal can withstand the test of time if it was structured like this
  • Why revenue share deals, instead of profit share deals?
  • What is a reverse revenue share deal?
  • Why rev share deals are beneficial to business owners as much as they can be beneficial to you
  • Why you should avoid THESE willing partners even if they're easy to get
  • + HUGE BONUS: 15 Steps to Creating Leveraged Royalty Income with Rev Share Deals
    (a complementary course with tons of extra tips you would ABSOLUTELY want to know!)
Price: $9 USD
What's Inside

Total Running Time 1 hour 23 minutes 52 seconds

This business model could be your new additional income stream!

This training covers all the extremely important aspects you'll need to consider when crafting your revenue share deals.

This includes, amongst other things, agreeing on what each partner will bring to the table, how to choose partners wisely, how to deal with risks, and of course, getting paid.

On top of that, you will also be getting a bonus course (15 Steps to Creating Leveraged Royalty Income with Rev Share Deals) to make this EXTRA EASY for you to implement!

How It Works
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Price: $9 USD
Meet Your Instructor
James has always been a practitioner of what he teaches.  Currently, his income from revenue share deals is on the verge of surpassing his income from his highest-level coaching program, SilverCircle.

Not only has he implemented everything in this course, but he has also battle-tested these tips by having his SilverCircle students start their own revenue share deals, with great success!

And yet, this business model is not widely known.  You will find many examples of revenue share deals on the internet, but you will have a hard time finding complete information on how to craft them, based on actual deals made.

And because implementing is always a learning experience, James has created the bonus course, to make sure you have the best chance of successfully creating an additional income stream for yourself.

What People Are Saying About
Revenue Share Deals

"I started doing this for my email marketing agency, and it instantly almost doubled my monthly MRR with one client. I definitely picked up a few tips from this deep dive though.  Great stuff!" - Wilding Penderis

"I've completed 3 deals over the last 12 months and James' revenue share training has been an amazing resource for me during this process. Revenue share deals can be a great way to build out additional revenue streams and are well worth considering." - Meryl Johnston

"I'm thinking through how I want to implement Rev Share Deals in my business. The training was great and well worth the $9." - Lynn M. Swayze

"I appreciated the war stories most. So, I don't repeat the same mistakes." - Afra Sanjari


Price: $9 USD
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