How To Recruit Your Next Team Member
Attract great people you can trust, reclaim hours from your work week, and scale your business
Are You Ready To Build A World-Class Team For Your Business?

Whether you're a solopreneur looking to hire your first assistant or you're ready to scale your current team, HOW you hire could affect the life of your business.

James Schramko has spent more than a decade teaching his private clients how to find, interview and hire employees for their unique business needs. And now he's making the same training available to you.

What You'll Learn In This Course
  • The Traffic Light System that makes it 100% clear when it's time to hire a new team member.
  • When to hire in-house, when you'll want to outsource, and when NOT to hire at all.
  • Why you shouldn't always take "the best of the bunch."
  • "It was like discovering the holy grail of hiring." Steal this job listing and consistently attract top notch applicants.
  • Process tweaks to spend less time training and more time growing your business.
  • The one-week hiring process James has used over and over again to hire great employees FAST.
  • The kind of question you should NEVER ask during an interview.
  • Ads, job boards, recruiters, and more... Get specific recommendations and discover which medium is right for YOUR hiring process.
  • Don't overlook these critical traits if you want to make the best long-term hires.
  • Why you should NEVER hire during the interview and why "listening to your gut" is terrible hiring advice.
Price: $9 USD
What's Inside

Total Running Time 1 hour 4 minutes 5 seconds

In this course you'll get everything you need to build a team of superstars who can help catapult your business growth.

James Schramko shares everything you need to know before you start hiring, how to write a job listing that attracts the perfect person for your position, and the best way to vet candidates once applications start pouring in.

You'll even get the interview sheet James uses to consistently hire super-performers for his own team, so there's zero guesswork on your part.

How It Works

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Price: $9 USD
Meet Your Instructor
After James Schramko made his very first hire at Mercedes-Benz, he quickly went on to build the top-selling team in Australia. It wasn't long before Mercedes asked James to teach their other dealership managers how to replicate his success.

Over the course of 25 years, James Schramko has found, hired, and trained more than 200 talented employees for multiple businesses. And he's refined his method even further to build a powerhouse team for his own business — including some who've worked with him for more than a decade.

James has privately coached top entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn, Ryan Levesque, Keith Krance, Kevin Rogers, Molly Pittman, and Ezra Firestone on how to hire the best people for their growing teams. He also coaches 400+ up-and-coming entrepreneurs inside the SuperFastBusiness community on the same techniques.

And now, James is making his best material, previously unavailable outside his private coaching community, available to YOU. These lessons are presented in bite-sized pieces and targeted to the specific challenge you're facing in your business right now.
What People Are Saying About
How To Recruit Your Next Team Member
"Just interviewed candidates for my first VA position today. Looking at the skills, interests and experience has given me some new ideas about how to utilise them. I'm excited to get cracking with this new (to me) approach of not doing everything myself!"
– Mark Coster

"The hour spent taking in the information from this training was well worth over €1.000 to me. I will do my best to apply as much from this training as I can." – Julian

"I took notes from your presentation on my workflowy which created a nice 'cheat sheet' going during my interviews. I resisted the urge to jump in and hire the one I thought would've been a good fit, instead I followed your process and it really helped tremendously. Your system will be my go-to moving forward for onboarding new team members... a million thanks." – Patty Dominguez

"I already see how this will help systematize my business. Interacting with someone else, with their own energy and bringing their own talents to bear has been invigorating. And it's only just the end of week one! Thanks James for the trainings and insistence in your work that building a team should be a priority." – Mark Coster

Price: $9 USD
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