Profitable Membership Business
Turn on a brand new income stream and keep it going in as little as 2-10 hours per week — even if you're brand new to business and have zero content to start
Creating a membership doesn't have to be overwhelming...
You could easily spend more than a decade learning the ins and outs of running a membership business... but you don't have to. With 10+ years of membership experience distilled into one short course, James Schramko has made it easier than ever to get your membership up and running (and generating predictable, recurring revenue) FAST.
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What You'll Learn In This Course
  • Why starting your membership on a shoestring budget might mean you can actually charge MORE than the biggest names in your biz — even celebrities.
  • The only content you'll need before your first member shows up.
  • Three sneaky (but totally ethical) ways to reuse your existing products and services — and even use other people's products — to add crazy value to your membership offer.
  • Too Legit to Quit? Proven authority-building techniques that attract the right customers to your membership and keep them coming back for more.
  • The unique resource at your disposal right now that your members will be willing to pay a lot more for.
  • Beware Frankenstein's Membership Monster! The smart way to avoid pieced together tech nightmares and pitchfork wielding mobs of angry locked-out members.
  • A revenue stacking pricing formula that could add up to $100K-200K per month.
  • The Diamond-in-the-Rough Test you can use to mine for "sapphire diamond" clients without sifting through truckloads of customer coal.
  • Little-known ways you can profit from other people's expertise and have them THANK YOU for the privilege.
  • Fun ways to get members "playing" your membership like an addictive video game they'll never want to quit.
  • PLUS... James Schramko's proprietary Master Action Checklist with everything you need to build a world-class profitable membership at a glance.
Price: $99 USD
(This course is also available inside the SuperFastBusiness membership.)
What's Inside

Total Running Time 3 hours 38 minutes

Follow the membership business roadmap that's made James Schramko and his clients many millions over the past 10+ years.

First, discover the secret to attracting your best customers. Then, learn how to keep them coming back for more. Finally, unlock predictable recurring revenue that leads to a profitable, long term, low-stress business.

Plus... download and print James Schramko's at-a-glance Master Action Checklist so you can stay on track!

How It Works
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Price: $99 USD
(This course is also available inside the SuperFastBusiness membership.)
Meet Your Instructor
When a product James Schramko was promoting as an affiliate started taking off, no one saw the problem lurking beneath his latest runaway success:

His promotions had made the product too popular.

The business filling orders couldn't keep up with demand, delays in delivery led to customer backlash, and that cash flow source quickly dried up. Even though he was asset rich and had other income, the cash flow dip fell right around Christmas, putting pressure on James to find gifts for the kids.

What happened next changed his path forever...

James realized if he could recreate the success of his popular one-time payment membership and charge members on a recurring basis, he'd never have to worry about a cash flow dip again.

After that Christmas — and for more than a decade since — cash flow has never been an issue.

James has also privately coached top entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn, Ryan Levesque, Keith Krance, Kevin Rogers, Molly Pittman, and Ezra Firestone on how to run their own membership businesses that generate predictable recurring income month after month. And he coaches 400+ up-and-coming entrepreneurs inside the SuperFastBusiness community.

And now James is offering his best material, previously unavailable outside his private coaching community... to YOU. These lessons are presented in bite-sized pieces, with actionable advice you can start using today.
What People Are Saying About
James Schramko &
Profitable Membership Business
"James was instrumental in changing my entire business portfolio to the membership model. Best decision ever. Nobody does a better job setting up profitable subscriptions than James Schramko. He's my go to source for advice on creating and growing recurring revenue online." — Shane Sams

"Running the services hamster wheel right now and I'm committed to building a membership for a much more leveraged business model. Feeling like working through this material step-by-step will be the key to getting it where I'd like it to be." — Cory Ames
Price: $99 USD
(This course is also available inside the SuperFastBusiness membership.)
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