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Lifestyle Design Secrets of a Seven-Figure Daily Surfer
After finishing this training, you should be equipped to:
  • Make more money while doing less
  • Structure your days around things you WANT to do
  • Take days or weeks away from your business with complete peace of mind
  • Not worry where next month's income is coming from
  • Look after your health, your relationships and other things that matter
Support Assist
  • Get a coach on your phone / in your pocket!
  • Every question gets answered
  • You can read other people's questions and answers
  • Cancel any time, no contracts!
$10 USD/month
How To Profit From Short Videos
  • Covers the basics of video creation, including equipment, shot composition and an easy-to-follow framework for telling your story.
  • Best practices for uploading videos to the most popular social media platforms.
  • All you need to get started is an iPhone
  • Learn how to leverage them for profits!
$39 USD
How To Sell Over The Phone
  • Become so much more confident when using the phone or meeting software for making sales
  • Make frictionless sales faster
  • Generate income from this powerful and direct conversion medium
$39 USD
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