Lifestyle Design Secrets Of
A Seven-Figure Daily Surfer
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Lifestyle design is a topic close to my heart. The life I live every day was thoughtfully constructed in the years since I left my high-paying yet insecure job.

My goal with this training is to open possibilities your possibilities. You can choose the life you live, with the right mindset and tools.

I've also coached hundreds of business owners, and as part of the initiation into my program, I like to evaluate how much pleasure they're getting out of their day to day.

A common theme I've found is that many entrepreneurs just don't enjoy life enough. They're doing everything in their business, scrambling after profit, not getting enough sleep. They're finding scant time to spend with their families and on the activities they love.

I don't offer mere pleasant-sounding theories. I present proven business principles and action items that will help you do what I've done – build and run a business you enjoy that will sustain a life you love.

After finishing this training, you should be equipped to:
  • Make more money while doing less
  • Structure your days around things you WANT to do
  • Take days or weeks away from your business with complete peace of mind
  • Not worry where next month's income is coming from
  • Look after your health, your relationships and other things that matter
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You can choose the life you live, with the right mindset and tools.
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