Lifestyle Design Secrets Of
A Seven-Figure Daily Surfer
A proven approach to working less while making more
– while doing more of what you love every day
Choose What You Love And Do It Daily...
James Schramko loves to surf. In fact, he's built his whole life and his business around his surfing schedule. Amazingly, that's translated into working less and making more. Now he's sharing his lifestyle design secrets with you.
What You'll Learn In This Course
  • The filter online business owners MUST run everything through to produce more in less time, make bigger profits, and avoid burnout.
  • How James turned a surf trip to the Maldives into a repeat business trip and how you can get paid to do what you love, too.
  • The real reason you keep trying to get everything done, even though you know it's impossible.
  • Are you really living the life you want? Why this question plus a big bag of clothes drove a 60-year-old mechanic to tears and why you might need to rethink your answer.
  • Why the "money you're leaving on the table" might be sitting on top of a real treasure map.
  • The "Dorothy Moment" that had James clicking his heels and getting serious about owning his time.
  • Guilt-free days off: The secret to embracing your role as boss and finally doing what you want to do.
  • What's your 64:4? What you really need to get done and which tasks to ditch right away.
  • Five "Golden Goose" business models with the steadiest cash flow, the easiest customer service, and the most repeat business.
  • The most powerful tools for gaining leverage in your business and how to "screw them down" to free up your time for the things you love most.
What's Inside
Total Running Time: 33 min 09 sec

Discover the secrets to designing your business around your lifestyle and arranging your time on your own terms.

In this free course, James Schramko reveals the techniques he uses to ditch tasks without guilt, produce better results, and get paid more.
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Meet Your Instructor
James Schramko used to be an overworked, stressed out entrepreneur who spent every minute working (or thinking about work.) He had success. But he was always too busy working to enjoy it.

Once he cracked the code for making money online, James went on to create multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses. And he did it all while working just 25 hours a week. These days he has nights, weekends, and even all Monday and Friday free. He surfs every day and still has plenty of time to catch a movie with the family or spend all day with his newborn daughter.

Today, James privately coaches top entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn, Ryan Levesque, Keith Krance, Kevin Rogers, Molly Pittman, and Ezra Firestone on how to earn more while working less. He also coaches 500+ up-and-coming entrepreneurs inside the SuperFastBusiness community.

Now James is offering his best material, previously unavailable outside his private coaching community... to YOU. These lessons are presented in bite-sized pieces, with actionable advice you can start using today.
What People Are Saying About
Lifestyle Secrets of a 7-Figure Daily Surfer
"I really enjoyed this training. I had my new housemate listening to some of it, too. I was surprised to hear that you watch lots of Netflix while still being able to read one new book every 2 days. I'm impressed!!" - Julian

"GOLD from A to Z. Thanks for taking the time and pulling the curtains for us." - Lenny
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