How To Use Short Videos For Profits
Reach new customers and make sales fast with video — even if you've never stepped in front of a camera and have no idea what to say
What You'll Learn In This Course
  • Think you need a million views to make a boatload of sales? NOPE! Nail this one thing to build predictable sales from a handful of videos.
  • INTROVERT SAFE: Two simple workarounds if you hate going on camera and a cure for your fear of "going live."
  • Why bad news can mean good news for your business. Psst... use this powerful video tactic sparingly or risk burning out your audience.
  • When "boring" translates into massive growth by posting on this underappreciated platform.

  • Turn yourself into a content producing machine using these 3 simple messaging frameworks that script perfect videos every time.
  • Skip years of frustration with James' specific equipment recommendations that'll give you high-quality sound and lighting for cheap or FREE.
  • The key to avoiding sound problems — indoors and out — and the $20 sound booth cheat James uses in his own home.
  • Don't reinvent the wheel! Steal the same standard operating procedure James and his team use to make, edit and post short videos every week.
  • Are your videos actually WORKING? Where and how to track your results.
  • When it's worth shelling out a few bucks for traffic. Doing this right could DOUBLE your sales from video.
Price: $9 USD
There's Never Been A Better Time To Sell
With Video...
Through trial and a whole lot of error, James Schramko has learned what does (and doesn't) work in video. In this course, he'll show you just how easy and profitable video can be — and why there's never been a better time to start leveraging this unbeatable marketing medium.
What's Inside
Total Running Time 33 minutes 4 seconds


Did you know people spend 1/3 of their time online watching videos? Find out what kinds of videos get the most engagement in today's market.

Module 1: Why Short Videos

How to generate predictable video engagement from organic media, and watch your sales snowball over time.

Module 2: Effective Video Examples

The best kind of video content to record, and specifically what you should talk about in your videos.

Module 3.1: How To Make Videos — Market Research

Where to find the most compelling content ideas for videos your audience will love.

Module 3.2: How To Make Videos — Types of Video

Four kinds of videos you'll want to post, including two that work even if you hate going on camera.

Module 3.3: How To Make Videos — Frameworks

Simple messaging frameworks that will help you sell like crazy — regardless of your product or industry.

Module 3.4: How To Make Videos — Equipment

Exactly what you'll need to get started — some for free or cheap. Plus... a few upgrades for when you're ready to level up.

Module 3.5: How To Make Videos — Who to choose to Edit Your Videos

Save HOURS of tedious editing work! When to choose in-house editing, outsourcing options, and specific automated tool recommendations.

Module 3.6: How To Make Videos —- Sharing your Videos

Where, when, and how to post your videos to get the best results on all the platforms.

Module 3.7: How To Make Videos — Magnifying Your Reach

When it might be worth buying traffic, and what you can do to get the best bang for your buck.

Module 3.8: How To Make Videos — END

Getting your first videos out there.
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Price: $9 USD
Meet Your Instructor
Since 2006, James Schramko has used marketing videos to build multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses.

In April 2018, James reactivated his mission of selling through video, but this time he decided to throw out all his fancy high-tech recording equipment. By filming shorter videos using cheaper or even free tools, he's been able to get results as powerful as his earlier super-slick versions. In that first year, James made over $200,000 from these short videos.
And it's only compounded over time.

Today, James privately coaches top entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn, Ryan Levesque, Keith Krance, Kevin Rogers, Molly Pittman, and Ezra Firestone on video marketing and other business growth techniques that are working in today's markets. He also coaches 500+ up-and-coming entrepreneurs inside the SuperFastBusiness community.

Now James is offering his best material, previously unavailable outside his private coaching community... to YOU. These lessons are presented in bite-sized pieces, with actionable advice you can start using today.
What People Are Saying About
How To Use Short Videos For Profits
"Favorite training to date! I did Tuesday Quick Tips last year and it definitely helped build my brand and lead to sales but I did it strictly on Facebook. This definitely has me inspired to do it across multiple platforms and repurpose a lot of my existing content." – Josh Hall

"Oh my! I make a lot of videos but got some real inspiration and direction with this... I think I found my way forward." – Adrian Crawford

"Great training, James! I've only just started doing this again, and I've published like 4 videos over the last few weeks... There is so much upside I need to take advantage of." – Lawrence Neal

"To the point and actionable." - Garrick Jackson
Price: $9 USD
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