How To Buy Better
Make the most of your spending power
Save money when you make purchases for the rest of your life
We buy things our entire lives. We actually do more buying than we do selling. Ironically, people often invest in learning only how to sell.

What if someone showed you how to buy better from the perspective of someone who sells for a living? Imagine how much better you can handle bargaining, if you understood your seller's motivations and mindset. You will have an edge over other buyers, which can be crucial when buying items that are in short supply.

Often, price negotiations are so tough that the fear of missing out causes us to bid against ourselves. Sometimes, sellers are even hostile and so we push to end negotiations as quickly as possible, to end the painful experience. 

Whether you flip houses for a living, work in the acquisitions and mergers department, or you simply want to know how to get better deals from your suppliers and local shops, this course will give you tons of info you can use to make better decisions, save on the way in, get freebies, and have an overall much more pleasant buying experience!
What You'll Learn In This Course
  • The first questions you should ask yourself when you see something you want to buy
  • How to build wealth by spending 
  • Do this to the seller, and get better deals
  • What you can give sellers so they can afford to give you lower prices
  • How to win the deal on a property even if you have a lot of competition
  • Concede by this much systematically during price negotiations
  • This simple communication method that can help you easily build rapport with the seller
  • The one thing you should never say when starting the negotiation
  • Is the seller using these persuasion techniques on you?
  • The best time to ask the seller for extra items for free!
  • Sunk costs, AND MORE...
Price: $9 USD
What's Inside

Total Running Time 1 hour 05 minutes 27 seconds

Buying from mall shops and e-commerce sites is fairly simple: you choose the product, add it to your cart, and pay at the cashier or checkout page.  But buying houses or cars involves dealing with people, and quite a bit of negotiating.

For most people not used to this process, this can be a very draining experience and expensive. Now you will be able to get the best price possible, as quickly as possible. Try to end the negotiation too quickly though, and the seller can use this desire to their advantage!

Don't let the seller lean into your pain. Instead, learn how you can lean into theirs!

This training provides you with tips for all 5 parts of the buying process: reasons to buy, pre-buying, persuasion, negotiation, and post-negotiation.

A little bit of introspection can help you understand your buying reasons. Discover filters that you can apply while deciding on whether or not to buy. Spot persuasion techniques being used on you so that you don't get manipulated into buying. And, get practical tips on what you can say and do, to make negotiation a pleasant and rewarding experience!

How It Works
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Price: $9 USD
Meet Your Instructor
As a young man, James was a broker in his grandfather's timber business. He and his grandfather would buy timber from a supplier and sell it.

Before becoming the General Manager of a Mercedes-Benz dealership, James SOLD for a living in his early career in the automotive industry.  As a sales professional, he learned how to buy the customer's car (as a trade-in) in order to sell a new car.

Buying cars entailed not only appraising the value of the car but also convincing the customer that the price offered for the trade-in deal was fair to both the customer and the dealership.

James was so good at this profession he achieved number one status in Australia for multiple years. 

Nowadays, James likes to buy, ride and sell surfboards as a hobby. He has also built up a profitable investment portfolio of assets using excellent buying techniques. 

All the lessons he learned from buying and selling in practice, dealing with companies, individual sellers on websites and local shops, supplemented by decades' worth of reading books and attending courses are condensed in this course, so that you can start making better purchases today and for the rest of your life!
Price: $9 USD
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