How To Develop A Strong Mindset
Update your brain's internal programming to blast through barriers, achieve bigger goals, and start taking control of your own success
What You'll Learn In This Course
  • The secret to putting your "lizard brain" to work and saving your grey matter for the important stuff.
  • What a lunatic millionaire and a bucket of water taught James about overcoming ANY obstacle.
  • The only healthy way to deal with society's "software resets" that trip up everyone around you.
  • Bruce Lee's Mindset Defense Principle: Where anger REALLY comes from... plus the one secret to remaining above it all.
  • The GPS Technique James' most successful clients use to achieve their goals FAST. Find the right coordinates and you're almost there!
  • Techniques used by top athletes you can leverage to build a stronger, smarter business.
  • The REAL reason you're always broke, and the brain bug fix that'll get you on the path to wealth.
  • One habit you can eliminate right now to make yourself unstoppable.
  • The astonishing door locking ritual that made James the #1 Mercedes-Benz salesman in all of Australia.
  • Overcoming trauma: What to do when you get handed a really bad experience. Think of this as a daily mental "tidying up."
  • A counter-intuitive creativity booster that's quite possibly the laziest way to produce more in less time.
You Are In Control Of Your Own Success
Over nearly a half-century of self discovery, James Schramko has uncovered a specific set of actions and habits you can implement to build a strong mindset FAST. James has improved every part of his life, from money and business to family relationships. And he attributes it largely to the mindset secrets in this training.
What's Inside
Total Running Time 32 min 30 sec

Introduction: Why Mindset

What to do when your "necktop" computer's software needs an upgrade. James explains the importance behind regular mindset maintenance and how you can do it yourself starting NOW.

Part 1: The ABCs

Let's call this "the basics of your programming language." Discover the first thing you need to do to lock in the wins and keep 'em coming.

Part 2: The Old Programs

Defragging your personal memory. Recognize your old programming, where it came from, and what to do if you don't want to keep it.

Part 3: The Challenges

Investment advice about your mental programming. Tidy up with the NEAT method to find the joyful upside in challenging experiences — even past trauma.

Part 4: Enlightenment

The key to successfully reprogramming your mind. James reveals two words that shaped his path and how you can start using them today to start reshaping your tomorrow.

Part 5: Responsibilities

Find the motivation to change. James lays out a few simple mental programming exercises you can do almost any time or any place.

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Price: $19 USD
Meet Your Instructor
James Schramko used to be a stressed out entrepreneur who spent every minute obsessing about work. He had business success, but it wasn't until he took responsibility for his thoughts that he began to build the calm and fulfilling life he now lives.

Once he learned how to maintain and even upgrade his internal programming, James went on to create multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses. And he did it without fancy tools or apps, by leveraging things he was already doing daily. These days he has the know-how to make good things happen in his life and the ability to enjoy them fully.

James has privately coached top entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn, Ryan Levesque, Keith Krance, Kevin Rogers, Molly Pittman, and Ezra Firestone on how to continuously improve their internal programming and achieve their personal and professional goals. He also coaches 400+ up-and-coming entrepreneurs inside the SuperFastBusiness community.

Now James is offering his best material, previously unavailable outside his private coaching community... to YOU. These lessons are presented in bite-sized pieces, with actionable advice you can start using today.
What People Are Saying About
How To Develop A Strong Mindset
"As one who is a work in progress, I took so much from this presentation... I'd be the first to admit that I have many less than useful programs that have been working 'unconsciously' since my childhood." – Lakhbir

"This training has come at the perfect time as I have been in search for books and articles about mindset." – Julian
"Powerful stuff, James. Well Done 😀" – Tony


Price: $19 USD
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