Conversational Conversions
Start conversations in your marketing and increase your conversions
Sales funnels are usually a one-sided monologue.
You tell your website visitor what you're selling, how your product has helped other people, why they should buy it, and here is the order button, click here.

If your sales copy is really good, they'll buy.  But what if they don't?  How could you find out why?  More importantly, how can you sell to those who didn't buy?

One thing is for sure: you need two-way communication. You need to start a dialogue with them.

What You'll Learn In This Course
  • Starting a conversation on your website is so much easier than you might think. It can be as easy as adding this one simple thing (and it doesn't involve any third-party messengers!)
  • If you send out newsletters or any kind of email broadcast you can easily encourage conversations just by adding this small message
  • Goodbye does not always mean you will lose the customer.
  • One of the most popular ways to start a conversation on social media even if you have nothing of interest to post
  • Did someone abandon the cart? Find out why with this amazingly short-but-effective email
  • Remember to have conversations with the people that many salespeople forget
  • Not every conversation needs to lead to a sale, and why that's perfectly okay!
  • The 5-step framework you can follow to move your customer towards a sale.
  • You would want to sound human, but not like this kind of human.
  • The NUMBER ONE conversation-killer even big companies are using.
  • Why you should get a full-time support person, even if he/she doesn't know how to sell!
Price: $9 USD
What's Inside

Total Running Time:  1 hour 04 minutes 06 seconds

Every conversation is an opportunity to make a sale.

If you already have a sales funnel and you want to increase your sales without adding any special tech or increasing your advertising budget or reworking your sales copy, this course is perfect for you!

This training covers specific opportunities you might have missed in your marketing where you can effortlessly start conversations with your audience.

Communication is key, so this training also covers how you should sound in order for the dialogue to be effective.

What is the next step after starting the conversation? This training also covers a simple, step-by-step framework that you can follow in order to start the sales process.

You can use the information in this training not only to sell to those who didn't buy; you can also use it to advance your relationships with your audience and even strengthen your connection with your existing customers!

How It Works
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Price: $9 USD
Meet Your Instructor

Before becoming an online marketing expert, back in the early days of his career, James used to be a car salesman and has done plenty of face-to-face and over-the-phone selling.  

This offline marketing background has helped him tremendously in his online marketing businesses. Many of his students have started with little or no background in selling, and he understands the difficulty in transitioning from an online sales copy, to a more dynamic sales conversation.

He created this training to show you the many opportunities to start conversations and how to steer the conversation towards making a sale, without pressuring your potential customer, because the best customers are always the ones that CHOSE your product.

What People Are Saying About
James Schramko &  Conversational Conversions

 "Game-changing" - Michael Essery

Price: $9 USD
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