How To Build A Content Site You Can Sell For Big $
With very little extra resources, you can build a site, grow it and sell it for a big payday!
Building a big content site doesn't have to take up all your time and energy.
You don't even need to love blogging. In fact, you don't even need to write an article at all. Take the guesswork out of the picture with this guide that James has used and is still using to build sites to sell for huge profits.

What You'll Learn In This Course
  • When being the only website in the market seems like a good way to grab all of the traffic,
    but won't actually work in your favor
  • Is there money to be made in your chosen market?
  • You can sell more than just the website.
  • Premium domains have big income potential, but they are also very expensive. The little tip can help you save 50% off of premium domains.
  • How to get content for your site even if you don't have any original pictures or videos or text!
  • Something that some call a hobby and may actually be tax deductible.
  • How to generate some money off of the website while it's not yet ready for selling.
  • Changing this one thing got us a 1,000% improvement in earnings!
  • How to tell if your website venture is successful.
  • The one cost-effective resource that you might already have but haven't considered using for this project.
What's Inside
Total Running Time 48 min 09 sec

You will discover how to pick a good domain, pick a market that has buyers, where and how to get content and make sure that you get a very good return on your investment!
How It Works
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Price: $9 USD
Meet Your Instructor
When James was running an SEO business, James owned thousands of domains.  He leveraged those by building websites on them, putting content on them, and essentially building a backlink network, which was a highly-effective SEO practice at that time. Those websites were all built and handled by his in-house teams.  

James also ran a website development business.  Both businesses have since been sold, along with their respective teams, but with thousands of websites' worth of experience, James now builds SEO-friendly content sites that can be sold for a huge payday!

Now James is making his knowledge available to you, so that you too can start building an asset whose value you can easily increase by following the steps in this training.
What People Are Saying About
How To Build A Content Site You Can Sell For Big $
"Everyone should be doing this! easiest way to scale and dominate their market. Thank you!" – Lenny

"Loved the spreadsheet idea for your market spy machine plus the content producing SOP" – Brian

"Great training James, really enjoyed it!" - Gert

"Unbelievable value in this course for the money" - Justin

"It's solid and good value for someone new to this topic" - Brad

Price: $9 USD
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